Please note: I Glo Naturals is NOT affiliated with any of the courier options available. This means, we can not arrange delivery. When your order has been collected by the courier, an email will be sent and they will contact you. Orders take approximately 5-7 working days to be processed and delivered and must be cancelled in 48 hours. Failure to do so will result in the unavailability of our discounts and specials to you when ordering. For an urgent response, please contact us via WhatsApp or Call 868-485-6310.


I Glo Naturals is not responsible for the transportation of returned goods. Therefore, returns and exchanges are your responsibility. Returns must be done in 72 hours or the sale is final. If you are not satisfied with your purchase due to damages of your product or packaging, you are entitled to UP TO a 50% refund after assessing the damages. This must be done in 72 hours or all sales are final. Products must not be used and must be in the same condition upon being collected.