We are a natural skincare line, focused on but not limited to Gen Z skin care.

Formally known as Island Glo, we have dedicated the last four (4) years of our existence to curating skin care products that target hyperpigmentation and acne in teenagers and young adults.

Our goal has always been to help teenagers boost their confidence and self-esteem through the use of skincare. Thus far, we have impacted thousands of lives and we can not wait to impact more in the future! 

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Skincare can be challenging. Trust us, we know. I Glo Naturals is dedicated to providing you with skin care knowledge to increase your comfort and safety on your journey to healthy skin.

To ensure your utmost safety, our products are formulated by a certified Aesthetician and curated with natural, clean, paraben free, vegan and locally sourced ingredients.

If you are still unsure, you can book a skin consultation to find out more about your skin and its needs.


At I Glo Naturals, we value integrity, honesty, respect and equality. We believe in being transparent with our ingredients and our process to ensure your safety and comfort. We believe in being honest with customers to create an environment for healthy communication about skin care and self love. Above all, we are committed to using our platform to advocate for equality in Trinidad and Tobago. This includes representation and inclusivity despite gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, nationaliy.

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